The Magic of Icelandic Coastline in 4K 60fps - Relaxing Nature Video - 10-Bit Color

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Este video está compartido y la fuente original es >>> Welcome to one of the most beautiful North European countries, Iceland! Our 4K 60fps 10-bit color video will transfer you to the best natural destinations on the Atlantic coast immediately! You will become a virtual tourist and enjoy the exotic sceneries of this amazing country! The beauty of the blue horizon, between heaven and Earth, is inspiring! You will see the pretty white swans (15:15) "dancing" on the waves of the ocean, watch the life of the northern seals (2:51:20), amazing seabirds (3:11:54), look at their life and hunting (3:18:46), discover the unique species of the northern wildlife (3: 36:19)! All these animals and birds turn Iceland landscapes into a true fairy tale! Wallow in the relax nature sceneries filled by giant dark cliffs, great rocks of all colors and sizes and colorful ocean! Observe the anomalous beauty of the sunset full of the colors of indigo, purple, orange and more! This 4-HOURS relax video will gift you unforgettable views of the sky that looks like molten lava! Let’s discover the beautiful Iceland landscapes of rocky chimeras and arches, giant debris of ice, crystal ice ponds! You will visit the best observation platforms, listen to the noise of the ocean and the birds chirping! Discover this wonderful world full of natural wonders and rainbows(3:42:43)! Admire places of peace and relax while watching our 4K 60fps 10bit color relax video!

Video From: Iceland
Video Resolution: 4K 60fps, 10bit color
Equipment used: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
Video Type: nature relaxation video
Filmmaker: Aleksey Mandryko
Editor: Aleksey Mandryko
Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

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Feeling tired? Looking for ways to deal with stress? Our nature destress video will help you to fill with harmony your days and to restore the natural balance in life. Natural Relax Videos is a kind of useful therapy that can relax your body and mind. Close your eyes and imagine the majestic endless ocean around you! Enjoy the views of the dynamic waves crashing the rocky shore! Dive into amazing deep colors of Iceland landscapes: from light blue to deep purple! Become a witness of amazing nature contrasts: dry black earth covered with frozen lava and vibrant ocean life in one picture! Let's discover the country of Ice and Fire and relieve the stress through our 4K 60fps 10bit nature videos!
Benefits of watching this nature relaxation video:
- Perfect nature sceneries and sounds for a peaceful and positive atmosphere at your home/office.
- It can be used as a backdrop for your own use (while driving, reading, cooking, relaxing).
-It is a good opportunity to show beautiful places of our Earth your children and develop a deep love of nature in their souls.
- The combination of natural scenes and sounds provides clarity of mind and relaxation at any time.
Stay refreshed and enjoy this wonderful 4K 60fps 10bit video for relaxation on your 4K Oled TV, Samsung 4K HDR TV, Sony 4K TV, LG 4K TV, etc. Imagine how your space would look like with these wonderful Iceland landscapes. Make your place unique and atmospheric by using it as stunning video walls for any gym, waiting room, lounge, office, home, etc.

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